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Instant Downtime Alerts

Never let an accidental outage affect your business. Insping website monitoring notifications reach your inbox the second your website has an issue.

Real Time Monitoring

The Insping website monitoring dashboard updates real-time. You no longer have to refresh each second. In Insping real time monitoring dashboard you can check your website response times constantly.

Multiple Monitoring/Polling Locations

Insping uses multiple data centers with in multiple geographic areas. As a result of multiple locations, Insping avoids the false positivies/alarms and achieve higher reliability. By default Insping uptime monitoring will ignore the outages wich effects partial internet users i.e some parts of globe, because it is actually outage of internet infrastructure itself and not your service outage.

State Change Time-line

Insping clearly breaks down the status as Available, Not responding or Reporting error along with exact time and duration so that you don't just know there is an issue, but also have details of it.

Critical Downtime Information

Insping website monitoring tool will alert you with the critical downtime information when your website had an issue, and this information will helps you to understand, and at the same time your fixing time will reduced.

Structure for better usability

Add multiple organizations within one account so that you can keep checks on many sites at once. Create owners for each organization and add various applications to have a complete website monitoring overview.

Performance Monitoring

Insping website performance monitoring will helps you to monitor your sites response time in different status. You can analysis the performance of the website through our check performance report always.

Multi-user management

Insping allows you to add multiple users to each organization and application. Restrict access by sorting users as ‘Admin’ or ‘Staff’ and assign them to specific organizations or applications.

Check Availability Report

You can now easily analysis about your website uptime and downtime information with the help of Insping check availability report metrics.


Let the insping hook into anywhere you want, even into your custom and internal applications with minimal effort. Insping webhooks can instantly notify any application with just a http call. All you need to do is open a gate via http URL to feed critical alerting information to your application. This feature allows us to easily integrate with any application based on web.

Multiple Types of Checks

With insping not just basic websites, you can also monitor lots like web socket availability, TCP/UDP port reachability and content matching, IP packet reachability via ping, DNS resolutions. You can even have multiple types of check for same server for example one check for website i.e. HTTP, another check for IP reachability i.e ICMP ping to know when web server(software like apache) went down and also when whole server becomes unreachable.

SMS/Text Message Alerts

Insping can also notify you by sending SMS/Text Messages. Since they will reach your mobile inbox, chances of missing such critical downtime alerts is less. You can target these alerts to your staff(application members) and also to specific phone numbers. You can use your own phone numbers or SMS short codes from twilio for better deliverability and branding.

Why Insping?

Created keeping your site consistency in mind

Support agents are swamped with downtime mails? Engineers busy fixing
monitoring issues instead of building your site? Insping can be your
virtual downtime support agent. Round the clock.


Insping is easy to set up and effortless to use.


Insping is brutally powerful yet extremely light on your wallet


No frills. Insping is plain simple website monitoring tool that matters,
so you can ensure your site future.

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Can a site have 100% uptime?

No. There can be absolutely no way a website can have consistent 100% uptime. Even companies like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook and many others face website downtimes.

Did you know about the infamous Google story? Read it here:
How much downtime is acceptable downtime?

Why do websites face downtime?

Your website could face downtime for various reasons such as Programming Error, Data Center Issues, Server Overload or Server Crashes, DNS Errors, etc.

Why is my website having a downtime?

Website monitoring tool that lets you stay on top of your site outage

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