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Insping Monitoring Tool Integrations

A wide range of integrations to suit your every need. A lot more integrations to come in the near future.


Integrate with any custom application of yours using web hooks. Webhooks is an easy notification feature that uses https calls to notify a status change. Insping delivers alerting information via https calls to ensure any application of yours gets information from Insping.


Choose your own Slack channel to get Insping alerts on. Have a chat with other folks in the office while also being aware of any status changes on your site, with no extra effort.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is the new chat-based workspace, it aims to bring people, conversations and content together. Insping has a bot which can alert you directly on Microsoft Teams.


The same Insping Bot which is delivering alerts to Microsoft Teams can also alert you on Skype also. Add to your contacts and say Hi to getting started.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 Connectors delivers interactive content and updates from popular apps and services to Office 365 Groups. Insping Connector is available on Office Store to deliver alerts to you and your office 365 team members.


Insping’s direct integration with Twilio will allow you to get calls/texts on your own phone every time there is a status change on your website. Twillo is a cloud communications platform that provides voice and messaging services globally.

Insping’s integration with through Zapier allows you to receive an issue report in ProjectManager whenever Insping sends a web alert. has powerful project tools like Gantt Charts, time sheets, resource tracking, task tracking, real-time dashboards, and a robust collaboration feature. Click Here to Connect Insping to


One for all. All for one. Insping's Zapier integration ensures you can connect with just about any application under the sun. By creating quickfire zaps, have Insping alerts received on any web application.

Why Insping?

Created keeping your site consistency in mind

Support agents are swamped with downtime mails? Engineers busy fixing
monitoring issues instead of building your site? Insping can be your
virtual downtime support agent. Round the clock.


Insping is easy to set up and effortless to use.


Insping is brutally powerful yet extremely light on your wallet


No frills. Insping is plain simple website monitoring tool that matters,
so you can ensure your site future.

Insping - Website Monitoring Blog

Can a site have 100% uptime?

No. There can be absolutely no way a website can have consistent 100% uptime. Even companies like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook and many others face website downtimes.

Did you know about the infamous Google story? Read it here:
How much downtime is acceptable downtime?

Why do websites face downtime?

Your website could face downtime for various reasons such as Programming Error, Data Center Issues, Server Overload or Server Crashes, DNS Errors, etc.

Why is my website having a downtime?

Website monitoring tool that lets you stay on top of your site outage

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