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50 URLs
10 Global Locations
1 min Interval
5 Public status pages

FREE forever

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Insping is the Best Cost Effective Alternative to Pingdom

Less Priced

Insping is cheapest website monitoring tool and it has No hidden costs. Checkout Insping Pricing and know how much cheaper it is then Pingdom.

Better Multi-user and Access management

Unlike Pingdom, Insping allows you to add multiple users to each organization and application. Restrict access by sorting users as ‘Admin’ or ‘Staff’ and assign them to specific organizations or applications.

Realtime and more Informative Dashboard

Insping's Realtime Dashboard is more informative then Pingdom's. It presents current status, statue change time line, preformence graph of all your checks in sigle place.

Clean and Intuitive interface

Unlike Pingdom, Insping focuses on simplicity, Its limited and prioritized set of functionalities/features making its interface cleanner and intuitive.

Website monitoring tool that lets you stay on top of your site outage

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