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Simple Uptime & Performance Monitoring Tool

For Websites, APIs and Web Services

Get to know when your website or service is down

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Take ownership of your web with instant downtime alerts

Monitoring your website availability and performance has never been this simple

Real-Time Monitoring

Insping is always on top of your web 24x7. With real time data and information about your site response time, Insping lets you know if the tiniest thing goes amiss and with no delay.

The Simplest Set-Up

Insping lets you get started in no time. In fact, your site will come under the Insping care in less than 2 minutes. No complicated procedures or hassles. Be the first to know when your site is down so you can take immediate corrective action.

One Size Fits All

Whether you are a small business building your
future or an enterprise with a powerful commercial base, Insping web monitoring tool works
perfectly for you.

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Why Insping?

Created keeping your site consistency in mind

Support agents are swamped with downtime mails? Engineers busy fixing
monitoring issues instead of building your site? Insping can be your
virtual downtime support agent. Round the clock.


Insping is easy to set up and effortless to use.


Insping is brutally powerful yet extremely light on your wallet


No frills. Insping is plain simple website monitoring tool that matters,
so you can ensure your site future.

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Can a site have 100% uptime?

No. There can be absolutely no way a website can have consistent 100% uptime. Even companies like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook and many others face website downtimes.

Did you know about the infamous Google story? Read it here:
How much downtime is acceptable downtime?

Why do websites face downtime?

Your website could face downtime for various reasons such as Programming Error, Data Center Issues, Server Overload or Server Crashes, DNS Errors, etc.

Why is my website having a downtime?

Website monitoring tool that lets you stay on top of your site outage

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